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Risk Shield Ltd is an insurance broker licensed by the Financial Services Commission. We specialise in trade credit insurance and political risk insurance.

We work with both domestic and leading international partners to provide the right solutions for your business.
Our product specialists have over 40 years’ experience in the field and have undergone various training
among leading global players.

Our portfolio of clients is very diverse and includes MEXA, top 100 companies, banks, factoring companies, global businesses and SMEs.
We go the extra mile to design tailormade solutions for our clients and adapt the products to their requirements.

Furthermore, we assist our clients in
managing the policy, providing an active interface with the insurer and provide full support (in terms of
file preparation, negotiation and follow-up) for the management of claims.
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Our value added

  • Wide array of expert solutions to pre-empt risks from adversely affecting your business
  • Risk management is our sixth sense
  • Protecting our clients' businesses against black swan events
  • In-depth expertise in credit insurance and political risk insurance
  • Agreements with leading insurers worldwide
  • Team of professional and experienced leaders in relevant field
  • Carving the insurance policy as per the client's requirements
  • Best pricing and value-for-money deals for our clients
  • Negotiating the most competitive conditions


Our leaders and solution-drivers are respected professionals in the financial services industry and are experts in credit insurance and political risk insurance. At Risk Shield, you will benefit from their expertise, talent and support to grow your business.

Our Account Managers and Product Specialists are continuously benefiting from training with the leading global credit insurers to keep abreast of the evolution in credit and political risk insurance. We not only ensure the best pricing and conditions for your request, but also provide advisory to how to manage your policy and accompany you for handling your claims. Our growing portfolio of clients can testify of the quality of service we offer. Our philosophy is like a AAA-rating i.e. Accompany, Advise and Assist our clients. In short, not only we master the knowledge about our offer, we are also constantly upgrading ourselves and our solutions to stay ahead of the curve.


Credit insurance

Credit insurance provides a protection for clients against unforeseen credit risk events that could result in accounts receivable losses i.e. bad debts. Companies that sell goods or services on credit terms are highly exposed to the risk of non-payment due to customer insolvency, protracted default and political risks that prevent the buyer from fulfilling its payment obligations. Credit insurance provides a safety net against such black swan events.

In short, credit insurance covers:
  • Default of buyers due to liquidity issues
  • Insolvency of buyers
Political risks impacting on buyers’ payment ability

The various types of trade credit insurance solutions include:

  • Whole turnover (global)
  • Single buyer
  • Single risk
  • Excess of loss
  • Leasing insurance
  • Rental insurance

Advantages of credit insurance

  • Protection against bad debts
  • Decrease your provisioning
  • Can be assigned as security to your bankers
  • Securing your future cash flows
  • Expand your business safely

Our Value added

  • Expertise – extensive knowledge of the credit insurance product (trained staff having undergone international training with the likes of Coface and Atradius)
  • Choice – access to a number of credit insurers
  • Offer – based on our experience and commercial relationship with credit insurers, we have developed an offer adapted for local businesses taking into consideration the market realities
  • Service – AAA i.e. accompany, advise and assist our clients
  • Our job – credit risk is at the core of our business model and we understanding throughout which comes to our motto “We speak credit!”
  • Innovation – we are constantly providing our clients a growing offer in terms of services including new insurance products, credit reports, portfolio management and other very innovative solutions

We gaurantee you saving in terms of cost + greater coverage

Political risk insurance

This insurance protects your investments, projects, goods and contracts against any unfair political action or inaction by a government that would cause damage, financial loss or business interruption in any of our member countries. It can also cover loss due to war & civil disturbance.

Political Risk Insurance (PRI) cover typically includes the risks listed below with the flexibility to include additional risks as per the needs of our customers.

  • Types of risks
  • Expropriation
  • Currency inconvertibility and exchange transfer cover
  • Contract frustration cover
  • Political violence cover
  • Payment default cover
  • Trade embargoes cover
  • Transfer Restriction
  • Physical Damage
  • Business interruption
  • Embargo
  • Arbitration Award Default
  • Non-honouring of Sovereign Guarantee
  • Unilateral cancellation of operating licences
  • Goods-in-transit




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